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The Welsh family (Barry, Cindy, Rob, Brady, Jordy, and Kody) of Blackacre Farms were presented with Fort Macleod’s 2020 Agricultural Business Award by Chamber Director, Kayla Weston. Blackacre Farms is a 4th generation farm/ranch operation located South of Fort Macleod, which began about 60 years ago when Barry’s parents, Bob and Jean Welsh, purchased the farm. Barry married his high school sweetheart, Cindy, and together they had two children, Rob and Christy. Over the years Blackacre Farms has continued to grow in acres and expanded their cattle herd. Rob married Melanie in 1996 and they had three boys, Brady, Jordy and Kody, who are also now actively involved in the farming operations.
Blackacre Farms has been promoting our local, natural resources to be used in the best possible, and most sustainable ways. Several years ago, the Welsh family signed up with a carbon credit company and changed their method of cultivation to zero till, reducing their carbons emitted back into the atmosphere. In 2001, they signed a contract with a windmill company and were the first to have a windmill south of Fort Macleod. And in the last couple of years, Rob signed into a sustainable beef program, which eliminates growth hormones.
We are proud to have the Welsh family’s agricultural expertise in our district! Congratulations, Blackacre Farms, on all your achievements over the years and this well-deserved recognition!

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