To promote, support, advocate and guide the business and civic communities in the Fort Macleod Area to nurture positive business and community growth.

We have been in existence for 125 years and look forward to the next 125 with our members growing our community for all and future generations.

The Fort Macleod & District Chamber of Commerce has been in existence since 1888 in the Town of Fort Macleod

Although we live in a much more diverse and complex economy and society these core principles are still with us. To date we actively still represent the community outside of political affiliation, encourage development, lobby for policy that benefits growth in the community and district. We are a member organization. Our influence is a direct result of our members work, dedication and commitment.
Our founding 5 objectives of the Organization include:
  1. To act in the place of a council or other corporate body in representing the feeling of the community with regard to questions affecting the general interests, outside of politics.
  2. To push forward public works and local improvements, for which grants have been or may be made in the future.
  3. To make known as far as possible the advantages of the district for an agricultural and stockraising standpoint, and do everything in it`s power to induce settlement on our vacant lands.
  4. To take any steps that may seem desirable to secure an early railroad connection.
  5. To discuss and take action upon any matter that may advance the interests of the town and district, whether it be from a commercial, agricultural or stockraising point of view.


We are a values-based organization. We influence, we evolve, we create. At the Fort Macleod Chamber we nourish, power and inspire growth in the Fort Macleod Business Community.
Andrew Beusekom


Adrian Stetski


Ashley Nelson

Executive Director

Kayla Weston
Mike Zubach
Janene Moch
Josh Beusekom
Jo Lyke
Brent Feyter
Dave Boot
Bertel Fieret