It’s a typical small town Friday evening in 1997 and Ashley and Monica are looking for the goods and the party. What else do you do in a small town? Spend endless hours cruising up and down main street, river parties and possibly illegal but harmless shenanigans? Maybe finally talk to your crush? All with the help of your friends of course. But where will THIS Friday night take them?

Main-ers is written by and stars Fort Macleod local, Natasha Hurlburt and comprised of a team of an extremely  talented Albertan cast and crew – including Jesus Ortiz with Kukulcan Productions. The short film is based on “growing up” in Natasha’s hometown, Fort Macleod. Main-ers will evolve around the age-old tradition of “pulling main-ers” or driving back and forth on Main Street – because we had nothing better to do, river parties and typical things young adults do for fun in a small town.

Come and support our local rising star on the big screen at the Empress Saturday, April 13th! This premiere along with a red-carpet event is $20 and all tickets sold to the premiere will go straight to The Empress Theatre.